SRP Minerals Bleaching Clay

Clay Silicates, such as bentonite, can be transformed into highly active bleaching earths by treatment with acid.

Bleaching earths have been developed into adsorption earths, in which context not only the high adsorption capacity of colour bodies and other undesirable oil constituents are of major importance, but also their acidic and catalytic properties, as well as their ion-exchanging capability.

Applications of Bleaching Clay

  • Refining of Vegetable oils
  • Refining of hydrogenated Vanaspati ghee oils, Margarine & shortening
  • Refining of Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil, lard oil
  • Refining of Mineral Oils like
    • Insulating oil
    • Rolling oil
    • Lube oil
    • Waste oil
    • Industrial triglycerides and fatty acids used for paints, varnishes and soaps
    • Paraffins and Waxes
  • ¬†Decolourising by removing colour pigments like carotenoids, chlorophyll, Pheophytine
  • Removal of gums (phospholipids), FFA and soap contents and traces of heavy metals in vegetable oils
  • Reducing and Controlling different oil parameters like Peroxide value, Anisidine value, UV-absorption value.FFA contents etc.
  • Purification of Aromatic Compounds in case of mineral oils & waxes and removal of Sulphuric acid, Tars acid, Sludge, Sulfonic acid etc.
  • Other Applications like
    • Bleaching of Sulphur
    • In Effluent treatment plants